Line Painting

Line Painting


There is a blonde that is trying to find a job and she went into a job

service and asked if she could get a job. They said that they had a

job opening for painting rural roads lines. The next day she got a

call and the guy asked if she could start the job today. She went to

work and when she got there the boss was telling her that you need

to paint at least 2 miles. So she went out and started painting lines

on the road.

When she finished for the day she went back to the guy to see how

well she done. The guy said good you painted 4 miles. The next

day she came to work and started painting and finished the day and

went to see how good she done. The guy said your ok but you only

painted 2 miles today do better tomorrow. The next day she came

to work and she finished the day and she went to talk to the guy

and he asked her why she only painted 1 mile today. She said

"Well everyday I keep getting farther and farther

away from the bucket."

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