John's Yearly Physical





Every year John went to the Doctor for an annual exam. This year was no different. After the Doctor examined John, he told him"You are in excellent health and I will see you again next year".

John left the office and as he was walking back to his car he collapsed, apparently unconscious.

As the next patient was going to the Doctor's office she noticed a collapsed man laying face down on the sidewalk facing the street. She reported to the nurse what she saw.

The nurse ran out and saw it was John whom the doctor had just given a good bill of health. Immediately the nurse checked his pulse and found none. She ran back to the office and reported this incident to the Doctor and said "What should I do"?

The Doctor said "Which way is he facing"? The nurse replied, "He is facing leaving the office".

The Doctor replied "Turn him around so he is facing coming into the office".



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